Exchange Policy

We love our products and are sure that you will love them too. However, if you are unhappy with any product and wish to exchange it, we’ll be happy to do so.All items exchanged within 3 days if they are returned as new, in the original condition and packaging.

Non-Exchange/Replacement Goods

  • Home appliances and products for personal use, e.g. trimmer cannot be exchanged once used
  • Any product that can be consumed/installed cannot be exchanged
  • Any wearable item cannot be exchanged once the labels have been removed
  • Products under sale or clearance cannot be exchanged
  • Accessories with hard packaging cannot be exchanged

Damaged or Defective Product

In the unlikely case that the product you received is damaged or defective, you can exchange the product for a new one. However, you will still need to return the product within the set time (3 days) and complaints after this set period will be transferred directly to the manufacturer and WMART.AE will not be liable for any delays in exchange.

In the case whereby you have changed your mind about your purchase and would like an alternative version or a different product all together, please contact us within 12 hours after placing the order. Order that go into shipment processing can only be returned once received, following the rules listed below;

  • All orders must be returned as new, in original condition and packaging, within 3 days of delivery
  • Product should not be listed under sale/clearance, as these items are cannot be exchanged

Order Cancellation

All orders can be cancelled within 12 hours of placement. Once the order is in shipping the only recourse is to receive the order and then send it back to WMART.AE. In such case, you will be liable for any damage caused to the item while shipping and handling.

***In case the delivery is delayed for whatever reason, you have every right to cancel the order.

Exchange Procedure

Since all exchange products request on may take 3-4 days after the return has been received and inspected by

Send us Your Damaged / Wrong Measurement / Other Issues With Product To Our Address. You May Ask Our Sales Representative Address Details For Return Your Products via Live Chat/ Facebook Inbox / Whatsapp.
or you may email us at

Note : Customer Bear Courier Charges In any case of exchange.

Thank you for your cooperation. We hope you find this Website helpful and convenient to use.




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